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Japan JET certificate has been renewed

 The 60pcs and 72pcs PV modules of Leapton Solar have successfully passed the Japanese JET certification, and the renewal certificate is valid until 2024. This means that the comprehensive performance, quality and even the manufacturing process of the product fully meet the strict quality and safety requirements of the institute of electrical safety and environment of Japan.


JET certification is issued by Japan Electrical Safety & Environment Technology Laboratories, which is the assurance certification for performance, reliability and safety of solar energy equipment. This certification is recognized in the industry as most stringent certification, which is very difficult to pass. At present, only a few PV enterprises in China have the certificate.


Since 2012, Leapton Solar have been committed to the development and sales of PV market in Japan. At present, it has established a stable foundation and brand awareness in the Japanese market, and has become a household photovoltaic brand in Japan. Leapton Solar always adhere to the "high quality, high cost performance" for the purpose of the product, the certification of the Japanese official authority will further protect the quality of the product and also enables the user to use at ease.