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After experiencing the test of rain and snow, Leapton Solar module were installed in Germany

 Since beginning of 2018, the European market was reopened for Chinese Photovoltaic enterprises, and various PV companies have once again returned to the European market. Since Leapton Solar attended the INTERSOLAR exhibition in Germany, we has won the favor of more and more European PV industry companies. We have received interest from overseas customers from more than 20 countries who have also visited our factories.


In February 2019, Leapton Solar modules were first shipped to Bakum, Germany for the industrial and commercial project installation, with the installed capacity of 750KW. After being installed and connected to the grid, the power generation capacity of Leapton Solar is outstanding even after rain and snow, the product quality is trusted by customer.


It has been installed for several months now. According to the power generation data monitoring, the power generation of Leapton Solar project can exceed 20% of the local power generation compared with that of the local project in the same period. We promote our product without any advertisement but only use data and results to talk about the product quality.