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Leapton Solar has bought another 40,000 square meters of land, adding 2GW capacity new plants

In the morning of March 18, 2020 Beijing time, Leapton Solar signed an agreement with Changshu Yushan high-tech zone to purchase another 40,000 square meters of  land. Through this, Leapton Solar add new 2GW on the basis of the original plan of 1GW new plant, and the overall project reach 3GW!



Since Leapton Solar entered changshu yushan high-tech zone in 2017, the capacity is always growing from the initial 250MW. It has been a normal situation that orders and production lines are full arranged. With the support of the local government, the company acquired 40,000 square meters  of  industrial land in 2019, expanded the capacity to 1GW. Today we acquires 40,000 square meters  of  industrial land again, raising the company's future production capacity to 3GW.It is worth mentioning that while improving the capacity, Leapton Solar is also focusing on producing more advanced products  and achieving technological breakthroughs, so that we can keep our products in the leading position in solar industry.


In 2017, Leapton Solar rents a plant in Feihuang industrial park to build a 250MW annual production line.



In 2018, Leapton Solar reach full  production.



In 2019, the annual production capacity reach 500MW.




In 2020,  Leapton Solar signs an agreement with Yushan high-tech zone to acquire 34,000 square meters  of  land and build new 1GW  plants.



Today, Leapton Solar and Yushan high-tech zone signs another agreement to  purchase 40,000 square meters  of  land. On the basis of the original plan of 1GW, we will add  a new 2GW plant , make the overall project reach 3GW!