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The new leapton solar 1GW facility is under construction

At the beginning of 2020, under the influence of global covid-19, leapton solar still bucked the trend, with full orders and full production, and the original capacity was slightly insufficient.With the improvement of covid-19 epidemic in China, the new plant of leapton solar 1GW is under construction in full swing. The whole project is expected to be completed in October this year. The new plant is located in the south of Sunshine avenue and east of Guangming road, Changshu yushan high-tech industrial development zone


Leapton solar takes one step at a time to do a good job of ourselves, pursue development steadily, persist in innovation and never stop moving forward.According to the week total instructions, we have been trying to build its own brand new plants still carry out the thought of "people-oriented", designed to meet the demand of automatic production, in the work environment required by the comfort, health, safety and efficiency as the starting point, create a reasonable planning and complete functions, convenient transportation, beautiful environment, new concept of energy saving building.