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Leapton Solar Has Passed The 2020 TUV Annual Inspection Successfully

On June 12, 2020, Bella Liu, the quality audit expert group, and her team conducted TUV annual factory inspection at Lifalls Factory.Through careful inspection, the expert group believes that the company's quality management has rules to follow, and the implementation guarantee is strong, and agrees that our company passes this year's TUV factory supervision and inspection.

In order to welcome the factory inspection, the quality management Department organized relevant units to make preparations before the inspection, and made detailed arrangements and deployment for the TUV inspection.This time, the factory workshop, laboratory, system documents and so on were reviewed. Through data consulting, on-site inspection, product audit, investigation and inquiry and other forms, the consistency of our products, announcement execution, production site control and other aspects were reviewed one by one.


The TUV expert panel found that Leapton Solar meets the certification standards and meets technical, quality, production and other requirements, and made several Suggestions.The company will follow the opinions and Suggestions of the expert group to put higher standards and more rigorous attitude into production.