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Leapton Solar Began Mass-producing 166 Series PV Modules

Leapton Solar has officially started mass production of 166 series pv modules on July 2, 2020. The module specification is LP166*166-M-72-MH. It is also the largest version of Leapton, with a size of 2108*1048*35mm and a maximum power of 450W.
At present, the rapid iteration of new batteries and modules has brought the evolution of industrial technology improvement, product power and efficiency to a new level.The replacement of new products, which might have taken two or three years before, is now much shorter, which is a strain on the millions of people who make photovoltaic products.If it can't keep up with the pace quickly, it may be eliminated by competitors. Leapton Solar rapidly iterates products in the fierce market competition, conforming to the development trend of the market, and keeps the leading position of self-owned brand products.