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In 2016, China became the world leader in new energy market

The United States Energy Economic and financial analysis of the day before the release of the report shows that in 2016 Chinese overseas new energy investment increased 60%, reached a record $32 billion, ranked first in the global energy market.

Tim Barkley, director of the Institute said: "the clean energy market is booming. The United States has lagged far behind China in the race to capture a bigger share of the market."

According to the International Renewable Energy Agency estimates that 3 million 500 thousand jobs in the field of global new energy, there are in the creation of the United States in China, the United States only created a total of 800 thousand of the 8 million 100 thousand.

Agence France-Presse quoted the Frankfurt Institute of finance management, energy experts Wolfe Moss Lerner, China has become the "new energy world leader", compared with the United States and Germany, China has obvious advantages in this field.

Source: Xinhua News Agency